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Operation Tyr

Military relief

When the war in Ukraine broke out, Danish veterans were quick to come together to support the Ukrainian struggle, and Operation Tyr was born.

  1. We started by gathering the soldiers' self-purchased equipment together and getting it all the way to the front line for the joy and benefit of the Ukrainian soldiers and volunteers. It turned into 4 large trucks.

  2. We then trained Ukrainians in basic military skills before returning to Ukraine to participate in the defense of the country. 

  3. We made quick contact and dialogue with various Ukrainian forces where we took care of the equipment they were missing, including first aid equipment, night combat, drones, and vehicles. 

  4. The help continues, and we have expanded the help by collaborating with other small help efforts.

Photos & Videos: Tekst
Photos & Videos: Gallery

Operation Vidar

Reconstruction / Cleanup

Ukraine has unfortunately been smashed to unrecognizable in many cities after the Russian bombings. It has led to Operation Vidar. Where we want others to send veterans around Ukraine, and start reconstruction.

  1. Recce phase has been completed, and contacts, alliances etc. have been completed.

  2. Organization is underway and camps have begun to be built. 

Photos & Videos: Tekst
Photos & Videos: Gallery
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